Monday, December 24, 2007

Cheese Theory of Human Behaviour

photo from ulterior epicureYou can tell a lot about a person by their cheese preference. That's my theory of the week, so let me explain it.

The basis is very simple really. If you like to do certain things you will likely also do other things. There are probably other preferences a person can have that would also correlate, but I'm failing to find one that is more widespread. Certainly food in general works, or places someone would go, but it all gets too complicated. Cheese is simple, and great.

My system postulates that the level of excitement and interestingness you go for in your cheese will correspond with the rest of your life. As an example, if you only like American cheese you're pretty boring. You also have bad taste in cheese. If you like cheddar, provolone, swiss - you like to get out a bit and maybe you live in the suburbs, but you're not likely to be seen wearing a funny hat outside of your circle of friends. If you'll try any cheese, you may end up running around the desert naked at an event like burning man.

As for the other extremes: if you only eat fancy goat cheese then you have very high taste but can't really hang out with the simpler cheese types. And if you don't eat any cheese than you're too picky and can't make logical decisions, which I think is true for most vegans. Feel free to argue this with me.

So this is my cheese theory as it stands. Are there some arguments for or against it? Do you have a better theory. Is there really any point to figuring out your cheese type?

Here's some "what cheese are you" quiz but it doesn't have many possible results.

photo from ulterior epicure

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