Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Globe Spanning Rube Goldberg

I had an idea today to make a rube goldberg device that spanned the globe, via various portals to the interwebs. The only new idea is that devices could interact and continue their kinetic path from the end of one set of machines to another by having some machine type into a computer that sends text or a command to another elsewhere, calls a voicemail that delivers to a computer and starts a device, or uses a webcam or audio stream to trigger a device in another location. Basically there would be many smaller rube goldberg machines doing things in various locations, and the process would continue around the world, one machine triggering another, until the final machine completes the task, which could be something like opening a can of dog food.

If this has already been done please let me know, my quick search returned no relevant results to something like this.

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She's In It For The Nicotine Boys! said...

Where are you today? I don't remember your email addy and I am bored...Email me at work...<3

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