Sunday, June 01, 2008

Steampunk Music

I've been researching the interwebs for links to what might be called "Steampunk Music". Some of this I've found on myspace music that you can listen to or even download for free. There are amazon links for most everything.

Also check out where there is a jukebox!

A steampunk music label:

Book CoverJohnny Hollow - Dirty Hands Gothic steampunk

Book CoverRasputina - Oh Perilous World Ominous Cello , some tracks very steampunk, some not as much

One Cello X 16: NatomaZoe Keating - One Cello X 16: Natoma etherial cello with looping ( I believe it is one very cute girl with her cello 16 times) - very cool.

Book CoverLife Toward Twilight - I swear by all the flowers sounds as if recorded on a wax cylinder - something about death - you can download some of their songs (not on the album) here and here's the myspace page (has some album tracks)

Book CoverAttrition - All Mine Enemys Whispers: The Story of Mary Ann Cotton album apparently contains Victorian poison bottle labels, some tracks a bit heavy

Book CoverAbney Park - Lost Horizons - the quintessential steampunk album, very popular in the steampunk community but doesn't have as many steam related sounds as one might expect. Maybe they could use a steam engine at some point. I'd call it steampunk alternative.

Book CoverUnextraordinary Gentleman - 5 Tales From God-Only-Knows Victorian synth-punk

Book CoverRube Waddell - Hobo Train a San Francisco quartet

Book CoverRosin Coven - Penumbra violin, cellos, bass, guitar, harp, vibraphone, trombone, drums, and vocal harmonies - myspace page

Book CoverVagabond Opera - Get on the train vaudeville and cabaret - and trains - - from Portland

Book CoverVoltaire - Ooky Spooky A more comedic album with violins and jig worthy tunes. Also has stuff about vampires and zombies. Maybe it's Halloween steampunk.

The Ghosts Poject
Electronic steampunk with some sounds of strings and drums.

Book CoverDr. Steel looks very steampunk on the website - sounds like, umm - well cool website anyway - many tracks are very heavy and some are just weird or perhaps comical?

Book CoverBoxcar Saints - Last Things A discussion on tribe says this is steampunk, I think its more western alternative something, but maybe

Book CoverThe Peculiar Pretzelmen - Uncanny Eyes - a vaudeville lounge sort of thing - pretty cool. I particularly like "pass the kerosene."

St34mpunk - some kids in Louisville, Colorado, electronic techno steampunk - not too refined yet but interesting - as of now you can download everything from the myspace page

Default Dot Exe - futuristic steampunk techno - can't find anything to buy or download though. It looks like they are now Man and Machines - which does not sound as steampunk but is still more industrial goth techno something

The Vernian Process A collaborative project that's popping up in the news lately, or at least in blogs. Some of it sounds like video game music.

Emilie Autumn - Great violin and femail vocals, at least until she starts screaming.

Finally - here's a radio show Some of the stuff is very good, very steampunk, and on this list already. Some of it, well there is no real genre of steampunk yet, and what they think is steampunk, I think is.... not.

And here's a blog post with some good steampunk music selections:


Daniel said...

Thanks for including Life Toward Twilight =)

I really enjoy that Johnny Hollow disc as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for liniking my project. I actually am working on the score for a new Steampunk themed video game. You should also check out my labelmates:

The Clockwork Dolls.

Anonymous said...

The synthetic dream foundation also makes really wonderful Steampunk music!

bete said...

i bet you'd like my buddy jordan's Sepiachord project:

he's explored everything you've listed here plus a metric shitton of other nifty things.

love and crumpets.

a (wiremommy)

Anonymous said...

a lesser know artist that may fit into this catagory is charles von vitic

Veronique Chevalier (formerly Cyphyre) said...

My I introduce La Moi, MADemoiselle Veronique Chevalier, The "Weird" Val of Dark Cabaret & The Original Mad Sonictist?

With great eSTEAM,


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