Monday, July 14, 2008

Steampunk Wallpaper

My friend and associate the autowitch has had one of his photos of a local sugar mill turned into steampunk wallpaper through creative commons usage.

This one by Chinese photographer sonyasonya is also pretty cool, but it reminds me of prison slave labor.

In other news here's some more steampunk music notes:

The Vernian Process has released another song titled "Crime of the Century." It's currently playable and downloadable from their myspace page. The song is a collaboration with Malcolm Schreeck. It's rather gothic and brooding, and maybe overly repetitive.

Fayettville, Arkansas had some kind of steampunk music festival called the Ravenwood Festival. Abney Park, The Ghosts Project, The Vernian Process, and Voltaire were there.

The Clockwork Cabaret took a trip to Tarboro, North Carolina where a steampunk ball was held. It also apparently had boat races and walking tours. I'm hoping it will be on the Clockwork Cabaret podcast soon.

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