Thursday, October 20, 2005

silicone bracelets for "no cause"

Fed up with recent fads? I found a bracelet on ebay that lets me express this and my otherwise morbid nature. It's a black bracelet that just says "DieHard" as opposed to
"LiveStrong." I wear it proudly showing my conviction to nothing. If you can't find it on ebay I found this link for you

Show that you don't care about anything. I don't.

Here's a whole set of I don't care bracelets from Archie McPhee's

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Its silicone and the fact that it states it has no cause pretty much gives it one. So wake up and smell the coffee.. you are just as much of the fad as every other person who buys one. Stop trying to pretend like you are an "individual" because you are EXACTLY like ever other damn person on this planet.

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